Writings on the Wall 

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A beautiful Downer XP extinguisher tag brightens up a drab building on Scantom Street. Since removed.
Any Time is Fany Time. Unknown artist, Swillburg. Still rocking.
Unknown. One of several anti-RG&E slogans to grace this building over time.
A chick painted by Belgian artist ROA during WALL\THERAPY on cement silos off Canal Street (since demolished).
Batman goes two ways. Litchfield & Wiley Streets. Since removed.
An unknown artist borrows the ubiquitous Obey Giant motif and aims it at Maggie Brooks. Gibbs Street. Since removed.
Work-in-progress by Oz FUA during a past B-Boy BBQ. His & Hers building, North Clinton.
Stencil artist Ax swings a wheatpaste of Susan B Anthony on her eponymous bridge.
Italian muralist Pixel Pancho sketches out his massive robot head for WALL\THERAPY on Greenleaf Street.
FFL Crew visits a historic cobblestone slated for demolition in West Greece. Still rocking.
FRANK BACONS's blockbuster letters on the former Blockbuster. Removed almost immediately.
Know Hope (of Israel) often captions his world famous murals with text. WALL/THERAPY 2013, South Clinton.
...Unfortunately his caption was mistaken as uncommissioned, and got buffed.
Rod Stewart gets some love in the South Wedge. Still rocking.
Master of can control, Biles FFL rocks the Cobbs Hill water towers.
Downer XP and Winslo roller pieces above a Snoe FUA fill in, Abandoned Subway.
Range FUA B-girl at His & Hers on North Clinton.
Snoe FUA burner and Range FUA character at His & Hers on North Clinton.
Range FUA lending his talents to a mom and pop restaurant on North Clinton.
Italy's Peeta EAD painted mind-bending 3D graffiti for Wall/Therapy's 2014 Writes of Spring. Here it is during a flash flood on Atlantic Street.
A landlord takes pride in his neighborhood on North Clinton.
Biles FFL burner on the roller wall at the Abandoned Subway
Cruk FUA on the roller wall at the Abandoned Subway.
A local poster artist commemorated the 50th anniversary of the Rochester Rebellion with this wheatpaste in NOTA. A vicious dialog ensued.
FRANK BACON on Monroe Ave.
California's TITS Crew whole car rolls its way thru Rochester. Snapped at Atlantic Avenue.
Bones FUA on North Clinton, His & Hers lot.
A Taro AAK throwie livens up a bleak Main and Clinton (same corner as the RG&E shot).
Tele FFL and AIRN compete with flu shot signage at CVS on Park Avenue.
And the kings of getting up: Cellino & Barnes.
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A beautiful Downer XP extinguisher tag brightens up a drab building on Scantom Street. Since removed.