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WORLD | The Buddhahood


Known for its complex drumming and genre-bending grooves, The Buddhahood is a reggae-funk melting pot heating up the kitchen and your ear buds. Reigning in the Rochester region for almost two decades, the band is currently performing behind its latest release, "The Space." An octet complete with brass section, The Buddhahood comes equipped to keep the listener on the dance floor at all times. Journey through slow and steady reggaeton vibes, fast-paced funk grooves, punchy brass lines, and enthralling vocal shout-outs. The band whips up a meditative fusion of roots, rock, funk, zydeco, and everything in between.

The Buddhahood will perform on Friday, May 24, 9 p.m. at Lux Lounge, 666 South Avenue. $5. Ages 21 and over. 232-9030.;