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WORLD | Creole Carnival


Sprung from the multi-cultural idea behind globalFEST, Creole Carnival sports a wide cross section of world talent. The tour will feature the queen of Haitian song, Emeline Michel, samba musicians Casuarina, and the man who grabbed my attention right away, Jamaican guitar hero, Brushy One-String. This cat is amazing as he evokes a sweet groove on a one string guitar — reminiscent of a diddley bow — punctuated by slap to its body. His voice is a spirited growl, soulful in all its humor and rough elegance. You simply have to see it to believe it. One string!

Creole Carnival featuring Brushy One-String and others will appear Sunday, February 28, at Nazareth College Arts Center's Callahan Theatre, 4245 East Avenue. 7 p.m. $15-$35.