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WORLD | Aditya Verma and Sandeep Das


Aditya Verma and Sandeep Das are at the forefront of carrying on the traditional sounds of India. Strong emotion, oral tradition, and a history of improvisation simmer in their sound. Verma, hailing from Montreal, is an internationally-acclaimed sarodist, while Das, of India, has two Grammy-nominations under his tabla playing. Das's hand drums have taken him from Carnegie Hall to the Lincoln Center and on to stages with Yo-Yo Ma around the globe. With his sarod, Verma has crossed continents as well as numerous lecture halls to help propagate Indian traditional music. The sarod is unique: Its many auxiliary strings act as resonators that leave a lingering halo of sound — like its own built-in reverb. Intimate, extemporized sounds from these two players coalesce to create a vibrant cushion of Indian flavor.

Aditya Verma and Sandeep Das will perform Wednesday, December 3, at Hatch Recital Hall, Eastman School of Music, 26 Gibbs Street. 8 p.m. $13-$15. 454-2100;