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WORKSHOP | Beekeeping Event


We've known for a while now that the honeybees are in trouble, and some people understand that this means we are in trouble too, because our ability to feed ourselves depends on the wee beasts. Recent studies have finally confirmed what many feared was true -- that the big hit their populations have taken has a lot to do with the anti-pest chemicals we spray on our crops, which they pollinate. Little wonder.

There's been an increase in people interested in personal beekeeping, which in some cases originates from the desire to help safeguard and and monitor the health of the bees. If you're currently a beekeeper (or interested in becoming one), but unsure what to do with for the fragile creatures during the harsher months, sign up for "Christmas in July, or Preparing your Hives for Winter," a workshop with entomologist Mike Griggs offered on Monday, July 29, 7-9 p.m., at Monroe County Cooperative Extension (249 Highland Ave.). The workshop offers a look at wintering history and talk about proactive winter preparation. Participation is free, but donations are accepted. Sign up or learn more:,