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Winter Guide 2004

Don't forget the wonder

It's just too easy to sit around and lament Rochester's winter weather. We all live here; we know how cold and snowy it is outside. We know the feeling of slush in our shoes. We know what it is to scrape the car off every time we park it. Enough already.

            If you've forgotten that winter can, in fact, be an enjoyable time of year, CityNewspaper is here, like a Saint Bernard with a brandy flask. With our Winter Guide clamped between your mittens, you'll fall in love with winter all over again. Our writers will guide you through all the season has to offer with a firm but gentle hand.

            Imagine the wild winter wind in your face as you travel through the woods at 60-plus miles an hour. Contributing writer Mike Doser will help complete the picture with his profile of snowmobiling and some of its more passionate enthusiasts. Jennifer Weiss will give us a guide to the six best ways to celebrate our extravagant winter season with festivals near and far.

            Susan Herman knows that becoming a winter hermit is a whole lot more fun with a carefully chosen pile of movies, books, and music. So she's asked five of her favorite tastemakers for their suggestions.

            City columnist Jennifer Loviglio diverts us with her account of the post-holiday stuff problem: too much stuff, and where to stuff it? Jon Popick knows nothing like he knows movies, so he gives us the skinny on the winter's new releases.

            And, because the schedule of classical concerts, museum offerings, art exhibits, and theater and dance performances don't disappear just because it's cold outside, see our expanded classical music and event listings to help plan your own cultural calendar.

            So don't forget to enjoy the wonder in this wonderland. It'll be fun, we promise.

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In This Guide...

  • Going to great speeds to enjoy nature

    It wasn't a smart decision, and deep down Darrell Dietrich had to know that. But the idea of snowmobiling for a few days at his family's campsite was just so alluring that no ferocious snowstorm --- not even one that dumped four feet of snow in a matter of hours --- was going to cancel the family fun.

  • Killing Bill, Christ, and many more

    We're going to break from movie preview dogma a little bit here. Usually, I refuse to write about sequels or remakes.

  • Listen and you will hear

    Eastman School of Music Eastman Wind Ensemble, Fri, Jan 23, Jim Pugh, trombone, Mark Davis Scatterday, conductor. | Sun, Jan 25, Zvi Zeitlin, violin, Barry Snyder, piano, the Amernet String Quartet, 3 p.m.

  • Winter blues? Stuff it.

    I know I'm not alone in my post-holiday hangover, a mixture of queasiness brought on by the credit card bills rolling in and stress from all the extra stuff I now have to find room for. Despite the fact that fifty-four percent of consumers started the season paying off credit card debt, polls showed that we still planned to increase our holiday spending by more than six percent.

  • Six ways to celebrate winter

    Our winter scene breeds Scrooges if left to its own devices. Prizes like the Golden Snowball Award, an unofficial prize given last year to the Upstate city with the highest snowfall, bring only a small smile amidst snow heaps, icy winds, and flu strains.

  • There‚Äôs a whole wide world out there

    The calendars in City Newspaper will keep you apprised of event details and updates on a weekly basis. But here is an outline of important winter happenings to help you sketch out in advance your personal must-do and must-see lists.