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"Watership Down"


"They're rabbits."

We here at the Family Valued newspaper borough, wayward home for hlessil, and 24-hour silflay have randomly selected a 10-year-old from among the one immediately available.

Family Valued: Tell me about Watership Down.

Ten-Year-Old: Watership Down is a story about rabbits. A group of rabbits leave their home because they think something bad is going to happen and they wander around in the wilderness looking for a home.

So all the main characters are rabbits?

Yes. It was cool. I kind of like rabbits so I was OK with it. Hazel is a brownish rabbit and he is the leader. There's also Fiver who's kind of like a seer because he sees into the future and does all these weird things. He's the one who says that they should leave their home first.

Did you know that a lot of people think of Watership Down as a classic?

No. Well, it is a really good story. It could be a classic. I would have read it anyway.

What about the quotes at the beginning of each chapter?

Some of them were in French and I had no idea what they meant. And some of them were from old books and plays and things.

To whom would you recommend the book?

Anybody who likes adventures because it's cool. There's a good amount of action. And some bits are funny. First you start out like "Yeah, they're rabbits," and then you read a bit more and you're like "This is so cool" because you get to know the characters and you like them. I'd say around 3 and over.

It's a very long book, you know.

Yeah, but to have the parents or somebody read it to them.

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