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Warren supports DOMA repeal


Incumbent Mayor Tom Richards won the endorsement of the city's 24th Legislative District committee over the weekend on the march to the Democratic primary in September. He defeated challenger Lovely Warren, who is president of City Council, 35 to 9. The 24th LD is centered in the area around Highland Park. | The biggest news to come out of the meeting, however, is that Warren seems to have changed her opinion on same-sex marriage. Asked about the issue at a different meeting of Democratic insiders a couple of weeks ago, Warren said tersely that same-sex marriage is the law in New York State and that she would follow the law. | At the 24th District meeting, however, Warren said that the federal Defense of Marriage Act should be repealed, and that "I don't believe government should tell people who to love." Warren said a conversation with a young man helped convince her that the country has largely "moved on" from the issue, and she compared marriage equality to interracial marriage. | Mayor Richards says he has consistently supported marriage equality.