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Video Game Trailer: Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon Multiplayer

Oh wait, it does have multiplayer!


First it had it. Then it didn't have it. Then it had it again. Whatever the mix up was, it turns out that, yes, in fact, the upcoming Nintendo 3DS title "Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon" does have multiplayer, and it looks pretty cool.

Up to four players can battle locally, or online, in the new mode, which has each player taking the role of a different colored Luigi to battle ghosts. Boss battles, multiple difficulty levels, and even the option to make the mode last five, 10, or 25 levels, are all included. Just speculation on my part, but this may be the reason the game has seen the delays that is has.

"Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon" launches March 24, stick to City for more information and a review leading up to the game's launch, and you can check out the video reveal for the new mode below.