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VARIETY | Coney Island Rock 'n' Roll Roadshow


A scaled down vaudeville spectacle that includes music, dancing girls, and freaks; but enough about the regulars at Abilene Bar & Lounge, this Coney Island Rock 'n' Roll Side Show sounds like a whole lotta fun and WTF. The show stars dancing tattooed Scarlett Storm, the cringe-worthy spectacle that is The Cut Throat Freak Show, music from Potwhole (pictured) and The Jesse Ray Carter Trio, and your master of ceremonies Daddy Stitches. Bring a date or one will be provided.

Coney Island Rock 'n' Roll Roadshow performs on Wednesday, February 25, at Abilene Bar & Lounge, 153 Liberty Pole Way. 8:30 p.m. $15.;