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Urban Action 10/23

This week's call to action includes the following events and activities. (All are free and open to the public unless otherwise noted.)

'No More Tinkering'

The Coalition for Public Education, Great Schools for All, the South West Common Council Education Committee, and the College at Brockport are sponsoring a community-wide forum titled, "No More Tinkering," to be held Tuesday, October 29 from 4 to 6 p.m. at Brockport Downtown: The College at Brockport, 161 Chestnut St., Rochester.

The forum will present and discuss the groups' research-based recommendations for the Rochester City School District to more effectively help students develop. The gathering will break into small groups to obtain feedback on the recommendations.

The recommendations emphasize, among other things, the creation of a Board of Education advisory board; the appointment of two "education facilitators"; establishing a policy to implement literacy standards in the earliest grades; assisting the superintendent in assembling a team of suburban superintendents who would help develop pilot inter-district magnet schools; converting so-called "comprehensive support and improvement schools" to community schools, and crafting a plan to eliminate institutional racism and intolerance.

The groups maintain that institutional racism has led to separate and unequal school districts, poverty, family dysfunction, and student trauma, and that state "take-overs" of public school districts would not lead to student improvement.