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Turbo Fruits


Jonas Stein (guitars and vocals) formed this Nashville quartet while his other band, Be Your Own Pet, was slowly coming to an end. Stein, and an early incarnation of Turbo Fruits (which included Be Your Own Pet drummer John Eatherly) released its self-titled debut through Thurston Moore's Ecstatic Peace! record label in 2007. When Be Your Own Pet dissolved few short months later, Stein put all of his effort into his new project, and over the next couple of years, released a second album, tinkering with the group's line-up until it became the fearsome four-piece it is today. These silly Southerners blend punk, surf, and psychedelic power-pop into a muscle-building supersonic smoothie that has impressed critics as well as fellow musicians. The Guardian likened the group's sound to "Creedence Clearwater Revival played at hardcore punk tempos."