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TRADITIONAL | Leah Ou and the Janus Duo


For the last 10 years, the Rochester Guitar Club has focused on bringing unique talent to its members and to the Rochester community as a whole. The club's upcoming two-part concert features three phenomenal musicians currently living in Rochester. Leah Ou, who moved here from China, has a story to tell. Having been trained classically on the Pipa, a traditional Chinese instrument that dates back 2,000 years, Ou comes with a fresh perspective on one of civilization's earliest guitars. The second half of the concert will feature Ken Luk and Tom Torrisi performing as The Janus Duo. The two Eastman alums will be demonstrating 19th century guitar music on reproduction guitars of the era built by local luthier Bernie Lehmann.  As much a learning experience as a concert, Bernie Lehman, Leah Ou, and the Janus Duo will demonstrate the historical influence of these by-gone instruments on modern guitars through discussion and music.

Leah Ou will play with the Janus Duo on Monday, May 21, at The Red Room at Asbury Methodist Church, 1010 East Avenue. 7 p.m. $10; free for RGC members.