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Track review: 'Love Ain't Free'


The Dirty Pennies
‘Love Ain’t Free’

The Dirty Pennies have really nailed this one. The band’s new single, “Love Ain’t Free,” has a kick-to-the-gut, knife-in-the-back groove that’s sharp and melodious.

As on earlier endeavors, the band coaxes out a rough-and-tumble, minimalist blues without being an azure cliché. But the band has tightened up on this single, resulting in a sleek recording that really hugs the road. Oh, and there’s a guitar solo in there that will unscrew your lid.

Dropping on July 10 — along with your jaw — “Love Ain’t Free” finds The Dirty Pennies on a salacious sojourn, a detour into “Can You Hear Me Knockin” territory. It rocks, it burns cool, it’s a good’un.

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