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Track review: 'Favorite Things'


The False Positives

‘Favorite Things’


All kinds of bangin’ and clangin’ have been coming from Chez Versailles Studios, in a basement lair tucked away unobtrusively in West Irondequoit. There, Rochester band The False Positives engage in multi-genre hijinx, centered around classic rock ‘n’ roll done right.

Apparently, the band is building an album one brick at a time; “Favorite Things,” released on April 30, is its sixth digital single. I mean, why have it sitting around, gathering dust and waiting in line for its shot on a full-length record? This song has too much gutsy energy for that.

Front man Dave Harrison’s voice is a sneer set to music. His guitar sounds as if it was pried from Johnny Thunder’s cold, dead fingers, but it still manages to save room for the shoo-bop.The song is a list of, well, Harrison’s favorite things — mostly records — which he sings “will never go away.” Here’s hoping for single number seven.

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