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Don't overthink Ghoul — well, take the band's vicious musicianship seriously, but just enjoy the band's gruesome lowbrow personas, backstory, and show for the crooked spectacle it is. Not a lot is known about the masked members of the Creepsylvania by way of Oakland band except that their names are Cremator, Digestor, Dissector, and Fermentor — although, in reality, people have linked the musicians to metal bands Impaled, Exhumed, and Dystopia. Ghoul builds on an unholy, bombastic mix of old-school thrash and death metal to weave together absurd characters and stories that would make Gwar proud, and it's all brought to life with props and costumes during its stage show.

Ghoul plays with Night Demon on Saturday, August 6, at Harmony House, 58 East Main Street, Webster. 6 p.m. $13-$15.;