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THEATRE | "The Book of Mormon"


Hello! "The Book of Mormon" is back, and if you're one of the 15 people in Rochester who didn't see it last year, here's your chance to see the tuneful, potty-mouthed, utterly satirical, multi-Tony Award-winning show at the Auditorium Theatre. As everybody must know by now, "The Book of Mormon" was written by the creators of "South Park" and the composer of "Avenue Q," which guarantees a lot of hilariously inappropriate song and dance onstage. But the show, for all its snark and satire, behaves just like a lot of traditional Broadway musicals, and somehow manages to turn everybody in the audience into a "Mormon who just believes" for a couple of hours. Even Mormons in the audience who do believe like this show.

Rochester Broadway Theatre League presents "The Book of Mormon," from Tuesday, October 7, through Sunday, October 19, at Auditorium Theatre, 727 East Main Street. $45.25-$140.75.