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THEATER | "The Life of Gautama Buddha"


The story of Prince Siddhartha's physical and spiritual journey to becoming Gautama Buddha is a compelling one in any format. This weekend you can see it take theatrical life in the Theatre World production "The Life of Gautama Buddha," presented by India Community Center at the Nazareth College Arts Center. The show promises to be "a visual work of art," telling the story of Buddha's path, from royalty to humility, to the Middle Way to Nirvana, through music, dance (choreographed by Santosh Nair), and language. It's a good introduction for non-Buddhists, and a reminder that all theater started as religious ceremony.

India Community Center of Rochester presents "The Life of Gautama Buddha" on Friday, September 19, and Saturday, September 20, at 7:30 p.m. at Nazareth College Arts Center, 4245 East Avenue. $20-$55. 389-2170;