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THEATER | "Rounding Third"


The comedy "Rounding Third," directed by Donald Bartalo, will jog some memories of your little league days. In the play, written by Richard Dresser, two men — the veteran "win-at-all-costs" little league coach, Don, and the new "just have fun, guys" assistant coach, Mike — battle it out while directly addressing the audience as if they're the team. A corporate executive, Mike (played by Jeff Siuda) agrees to join the blue-collar Don (Ross Amstey) in order to engage more with his own son. The different philosophies and personalities of the two soon clash, however, and the audience is faced with the overarching question that troubles the two: how should we raise our children in this day and age?

"Rounding Third" will be onstage at MuCCC (142 Atlantic Avenue), Thursday, August 11, through Saturday, August 20. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday performances are at 7:30 p.m., and there will be a 2 p.m. show on Sunday, August 14. Tickets are $15 at the door and $12 in advance online.