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THEATER | "PhotoPlay"


Lively creativity can arise from minimal material, and at times, artists will place deliberate restrictions and constraints on a project in order to see what emerges. Producer John Borek's latest conceptual art piece, "PhotoPlay," will consist of 20 90-second plays to be performed inside a photo booth, and will take place at 7 p.m. on Sunday, March 24, at MuCCC (142 Atlantic Ave.). As explained in the press release, "'PhotoPlay' aspires to present the world's shortest plays on the world's smallest stage."

Interested parties have the chance to participate by submitting a play that is suitable for all audiences, requires minimal set-up and props, and makes creative use of the photo-booth environment to the director at Playwrights are encouraged to direct and cast their own works. The first 30 plays submitted will be performed. The event is free to attend, but a donation to MuCCC is requested. For more information, contact the director or visit