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THEATER | "Ordinary Days"


Adam Gwon's 2007 musical "Ordinary Days" is a "New York show" for everybody. The cast consists of four characters — two couples — whose lives intertwine in a single day in New York City that turns out not to be so ordinary. Gwon's celebration of everyday miracles and the search for meaning in one's life was greeted by New York critics with phrases like "quietly affecting," "idiosyncratic charm," and "arrestingly poetic." The Gatesinger Company Ltd., who put on several shows each year in the 150-year-old Gates Hall on Lake Road in Pultneyville, are presenting this intriguing, small-scale, new show, and it sounds like a fantastic choice for a beautiful, small-scale, old theater. Ordinary Days should be well worth an early-fall weekend drive for the theatrically adventurous.

Gatesingers Company Ltd. presents "Ordinary Days," Friday, September 12, through Sunday, September 14, at Gates Hall, 4107 Lake Road, Pultneyville. $10-$12. 315-589-3326,