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THEATER | Off-Monroe Players Winter Plays


The Off-Monroe Players — the Rochester company dedicated to works by Gilbert and Sullivan — is performing a pair of farcical one-act comedies for the company's winter show. In "Cox and Box," with music by Arthur Sullivan, an old soldier rents out the same single room to two unwitting men on opposing work schedules. When a holiday gives the men the day off work, they meet in surprise, and come to find out they have way more in common than a bed. The play is paired with W.S. Gilbert's "Creatures of Impulse," a stage play (originally a musical, but the notes have been lost to time) about a fairy who causes the guests of an inn to contradict their nature and behave erratically. Both plays are directed by Albert Young Jr.

The Off-Monroe Players will present "Cox and Box" and "Creatures of Impulse" on Friday, February 5, through Sunday, February 7. 8 p.m. on Friday and Saturday; 2 p.m. on Sunday. Christ the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 1000 North Winton Road. Reservations are required. 232-5570;