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THEATER | "Marx in Soho"


In "Marx in Soho," the Marx is definitely Karl, but Soho is not the one in London (where Marx actually lived in the mid-1800's), it's the one in late 20th-century New York City, where the great political philosopher has materialized, but still finds plenty of economic and social injustice to rail against, while also recalling the tendentious women in his life: his wife Jenny and daughter Eleanore. This weekend, Greater Rochester Repertory Company produces this 1999 play by the revisionist American historian Howard Zinn, with veteran local actor Jack Simel playing Karl Marx. The Los Angeles Times summed up Zinn's message as "Capitalism without conscience is a recipe for revolution" — which suggests that "Marx in Soho" might have been written this morning.

"Marx in Soho," presented by Greater Rochester Repertory Company, is Thursday, September 4, through Sunday, September 7, at RAPA, 727 East Main Street. 7:30 p.m. on September 4, 5, and 6; 2 p.m. on September 7. $15-$20.