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THEATER | "King Lear"


There are plays, and there are tragic plays, and then there's "King Lear." Bernard Shaw considered Shakespeare's play the greatest tragedy ever written, and most scholars, audiences, actors, and directors would agree. Its bitter, pessimistic view of kingship, family relations, and life in general casts a long shadow; it is also one of the most demanding, disturbing, and rewarding plays in the Shakespearean canon, so any production of it is a must-see. "Lear" is the first major production of the season for the Shakespeare Players program of the Rochester Community Players, who bring together some very experienced local Shakespeareans, including director John Jaeger and actor Mark Casey as Lear, to present this herculean work.

Shakespeare Players present "King Lear," on Friday, November 7, through Monday, November 10; Friday, November 14, through Sunday, November 16; and Thursday, November 20, through Saturday, November 22, at MuCCC, 142 Atlantic Avenue. $19 general admission, $14 over 65, $9 under 25.