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THEATER | "I'm Not Rappaport"


For its first show of the season, Blackfriars Theatre made do with a single performer: Susan Hopkins in "Shirley Valentine." The next Blackfriars production ups the ante to two outstanding actors in Herb Gardner's "I'm Not Rappaport." This Tony Award-winning play features Rochester theater stalwarts Fred Nuremberg as Nat Moyer, and Reuben Tapp as Midge Carter, old friends and verbal sparring partners who meet each afternoon on a park bench in Central Park (meticulously recreated by John Haldoupis) to discuss families, growing old, and other problems that go along with aging. Since it is by Herb Gardner, "I'm Not Rappaport" is funny, very New York-y, and a bit sentimental — and a great showcase for two perfectly-cast actors.

Blackfriars Theatre presents "I'm Not Rappaport," Friday, October 24, through Sunday, November 9, at Blackfriars Theatre, 795 East Main Street. $28.50-$36.50. 0454-1260,