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THEATER | "Diversions and Delights"


"The only thing worse than being talked about," said Oscar Wilde, "is not being talked about." Oscar gets to do all the talking in "Diversions and Delights," a solo play in the form of a lecture that Wilde gives after his release from jail on indecency charges and his exile in France. The play is set in a Parisian concert hall in 1899, about a year before Wilde's death at the age of 46. In an attempt to earn some much-needed money, Wilde is speaking to the audience about his life, his works, and about his ill-fated love for Lord Alfred Douglas. Diversions and Delights, though written in 1977 for Vincent Price, is having its community theater premiere this weekend, directed by Michael Arvé. John Gay's script is a tour de force for an actor, and you'll get to see one of our best local actors, Peter J. Doyle, in it this weekend.

"Diversions and Delights" will be preformed Thursday, October 2, through Sunday, October 5, at MuCCC, 174 Atlantic Avenue. $12 in advance, $15-$20 at the door. 234-1254,