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THEATER | "Calamari Sisters"


The Calamari Sisters are back with another show, and like their other ones this should be put on your don't-miss list. Equal parts drag-show and cooking-show parody, the Calamari Sisters musicals have been getting rave reviews wherever they go.

Since the sisters got married in their last show, and the new show is called "Bun in the Oven: Contractions with the Calamari Sisters," you can get a fair idea of the plot of the latest installment. If you want a better understanding of what the show may entail, just go to the show's website ( and read the ridiculous bios of the sisters, Carmela and Delphine.

The show continues through Sunday, November 10, at RAPA's East End Theatre (727 E. Main St.), and tickets range from $25 to $45. Go to or call 325-3366 for show times and other info.