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The Idols are coming!


Remember the Idols

Nearly two months ago millions of Americans cheered enthusiastically (or rolled their eyes) as Taylor Hicks was crowned the 2006 American Idol. Brace yourself: the silver-maned Doobie Stepbrother and the nine top runners-up in the hyper-popular televised singing competition are coming to town Friday, July 21, at Blue Cross Arena.

The question is: Do you care?

Let's face it, America has moved on. We're busy rooting for/hating on fashion designers named Alison, Malan, and Vincent. Or gleefully dancing around the apartment to that new Christina Aguilera song. Or trying to work pirate-speak like "savvy" into everyday conversation.

Which one was Lisa Tucker, again?

But you should care, people. Reality TV has trained us to dispose of our pop-icons-of-the-moment with alarming quickness. Our Idols deserve better. Twice a week for five long months we welcome them into our homes, and they work so hard to win your approval even as they choke down the attendant humiliation heaped upon them (Kellie Pickler having calamari shoved in her face by Wolfgang Puck; Chris Daughtry wearing a pink golf outfit in a Ford commercial; Mandisa's entire wardrobe; the list goes on). These are the hardest working people in faux business.

So, yes, you should care that they're coming. You should shell out your $20 to sit through hopelessly cheesy musical montages dedicated to, say, Lionel Richie. And you should squeal with delight should a single drop of Ace Young's sweat find its way onto your person. These are your American Idols, and it is your job as Americans to keep them in your hearts.

At least until next year's crop gets picked in January. Then you can forget about them all you want.