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The hots for Henrietta


A proposed law would clear the way for food trucks and carts to operate on private properties with industrial or commercial zoning in the town of Henrietta.

But the law would also require permits for the owners of the "mobile food vehicles," as well as for the property owners who host the vehicles. The latter permit would include specific areas on the sites where the vehicles can park.

Any changes to the permits would have to be approved by the Town Board.

Town Board member Bill Mulligan says that the dual permits are meant to keep the food trucks and carts from "bouncing around" the town.

The Town Board will hold a public hearing on the proposal at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, October 2, at Town Hall, 475 Calkins Road.

The impetus for the law was the Brick-N-Motor food truck, which started making lunchtime stops at Eagle's Landing Business Park on Jefferson Road earlier this year.

Paul Vroman, who co-owns and operates Brick-N-Motor, says that the proposed law is a good start, but that property owners shouldn't have to get a permit. Food truck operators should be responsible for identifying potential sites and securing the necessary approvals, he says.

"There are too many steps to be taken to get a spot," he says.

Vroman says he agrees that food truck and cart proprietors should get the owner's permission to operate on a property. But the process of adding spots should be simpler, he says.