The Brother From Another Planet

Rated R 104 minutes 1984

"The Brother" (Joe Morton) is an alien and escaped slave on the run from his home planet. After he lands in New York City, he tries to adapt to life on the streets of Harlem. Although the Brother is mute, he does have great abilities at fixing machines, and he gets a job. As the Brother tries to blend in with his new culture, he finds an apartment and gradually makes friends. Meanwhile, he is pursued by two agents from his home world who are intent on returning there with him.

Film Credits

Director: John Sayles

Writer: John Sayles

Producer: Peggy Rajski and Maggie Renzi

Cast: Joe Morton, Daryl Edwards, Steve James, Leonard Jackson, Bill Cobbs, Maggie Renzi, Tom Wright, Ren Woods and Reggie Bythewood


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