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It's not like swing needs any help getting under the skin and loosening joints, but techno swingsters Ginkgoa throw the two genres together for a hook-filled, dance floor-flooding event. It's flapper jazz meets disco; Tin Pan Alley colliding with a dishwasher. Singer Nicolle Rochelle gives off a relaxed hint of Helen Kane with a coo, except when she's flexing her hip-hop muscles. If Caravan Palace's Jazz Festival performance last year — what with its similar old-meets-new instrumentation and grind and the crowd's explosive reaction — is any indication, we may be in for a second swing invasion. This is gonna be crazy.

Ginkgoa plays with The Original Wailers on Thursday, July 19, at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park, 353 Court Street. 5 p.m. $5.;