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TANGO | Uptown Tango


Uptown Tango is an instrumental duo that combines classical and jazz with original Argentine tango arrangements. Having met by chance as fellow performers, violinist Evan Meccarello and guitarist Seth Sealfon have been playing together as Uptown Tango ever since, releasing an album of demos in 2016 and a debut studio album in 2018. The music is sultry but tasteful, danceable but sophisticated enough for a cocktail lounge setting. Meccarello performs soaring violin melodies filled with heart-wrenching appoggiaturas, accompanied by Sealfon's staunch rhythm guitar. The small setup allows for an intimate listening experience, as the pair fires off a Spanish-influenced inferno of lively acoustic folk music.

Uptown Tango will perform on Friday, September 20, 10 p.m. at Tapas 177, 177 St. Paul Street. Free show. 262-2090.;