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SYNTH-ROCK | Circuit Juicebox


Circuit Juicebox is a mysterious new duo in town that has largely flown under the radar, yet its music is refreshingly different from most other Rochester bands. Having released its first single "Wait for Tomorrow" earlier this year, Circuit Juicebox is now emerging onto the scene with its slow-cooking, synth-rock grooves. Sean Healey's baritone vocals have a cool, airy whisper to them, ethereally echoed by his electric guitar. Drummer and synth player Spencer Kornrich musters up buzzy synth pads and rock-steady electronic drum patterns that become more complex as they go. Dabbling in hip-hop beats, electronic textures, and daydream-y lyrics about love and lust, Circuit Juicebox makes dark, electronic indie rock with rays of neon pop shining through to the center of your soul.

Circuit Juicebox will perform along with Baker Street on Wednesday, September 26 at Funk 'n Waffles at 204 North Water Street. 8pm. $7. 448-0354.;