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Sunday morning

Why do our kids do that...?


Jim and Jennifer lie in bed, staring at the ceiling...

Jim: Five days. It's been five days.

Jennifer: No, it's been more than that. It's been at least six if not seven.

Jim: Wow! That long?

Jennifer: I'm almost certain.

Jim: What do you think we should do?

Jennifer: (Sighing) I don't know, maybe we should consult a book or ask a therapist.

Jim: No! Absolutely not! We can work through this ourselves.

Jennifer: Honey, it's nothing to be embarrassed about. I'm sure other couples go through this.

Jim: I think we should try changing it up a little. You know, try something different.

Jennifer: Yeah! And incorporate the element of surprise.

Jim: Maybe we should start with a shower, you know, to get things going.

Jennifer: Oooh... you are naughty. I like how you think.

Jim: OK, you get the water started, then we'll rush him while he's watching cartoons. We'll stick him in the shower fully clothed. That way he'll have to take them off.

Jennifer: Honestly. How that child can wear the same clothes seven days in a row is beyond me.

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