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Student Survival Guide 2014

Building blocks

One of the marvelous things about college — oh, God, where to start? One of the many marvelous things about college is the opportunity to be a part of something significant. The four — or in my case, five — years that you'll spend in college is such a time of personal transition, that it's often overlooked that college students can impact the city itself. Sure, you'll go through many changes — personally, professionally, in every way — during your time in university, but don't forget that there is a living, breathing city surrounding you. And you can have an impact.

Rochester is your home for the next few years, so get away from the campus area, explore, and learn about the city. Most likely, you'll come to love it. Join some clubs, explore some businesses, pick a favorite hangout on the other side of town, and before you know it, you'll have a larger picture of what this city is about.

Think of this Student Survival Guide as a small introduction to the city — put together by college students (or recent graduates) for college students. You may get some ideas here for where to begin exploring.

Rochester is an ever growing, changing city, and even the youngest college students can make a difference here. Every resident is a building block to making this city great. Get up, get involved, and you'll come away feeling fulfilled and surprised at your own abilities. -- JAKE CLAPP

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