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Student Survival Guide 2013

Feed your brain


All you students better hope that the much-ballyhooed zombie apocalypse doesn't start while you're in college. It is a well-known fact — science, really — that the undead love themselves some brains. So the shambling hordes will likely be making a beeline right for the Rochester area's many college campuses. They're like all-you-can-eat buffets for gray matter. Finally, a downside to being smart.

But we kid. You have more pressing issues than the fictitious walking dead. You're in college now, and that means having to figure out how to juggle your course work, a social life, and the ins and outs of your newly emancipated existence.

City Newspaper is here to help. Our annual Student Survival Guide is packed with information about how to make the most of your college career in Rochester, with articles focused on on- and off-campus topics. In this edition, learn about Rochester schools' growing international-student population, get some ideas on how to make cash at part-time gigs, and update your smart-phone calendar with our upcoming events guide.

Once you're ready to get off campus, check out our guide to some cool local movie theaters, get our music editor's suggestions for clubs open to the under-21 set, and set out on a scavenger hunt that will take you to 25 must-visit places in the ROC.

Need more schoolin'? City Newspaper is new every Wednesday, with news, opinion pieces, and reviews and previews of all the most happening events in town. Check out page XX for a list of where to find the FREE paper on your campus. And check out rochestercitynewspaper.com for even more content, including past Student Survival Guide articles. Their editions may have expired, but those stories, like zombies, live on online. But instead of eating brains, they'll fortify yours.

In This Guide...

  • Global studies

    International students flock to Rochester's colleges and universities
    By the time you graduated from high school, you'd probably been sitting next to the same classmates since freshman year, middle school, or even elementary school. By now, you're ready to get out of that bubble and meet new people.

  • Screen gems

    A guide to Rochester's unique movie theaters
    Many of you are eager to spend freshman year partying, exploring Rochester, getting involved in campus activities, and partying some more. Studying will presumably fit in there somewhere.

  • You betta work

    Cut down on your debt load by picking up a part-time job
    College: it's an eye-opening experience during which students can gain a wealth of knowledge. Savor it, because it's about the only thing that will increase in wealth during your time in academia.

  • Fun before 21

    Eight party locations for the 18-and-under crowd
    Ah, freshman year. A new campus, a new city, and new people.

  • Seeking Rochester

    Get to know your new city through this off-campus scavenger hunt
    Hey, smarty pants! Welcome to college.

  • Important events taking place both on- and off-campus

    Upcoming events
    College life will probably keep you pretty busy. But there's lots going on in and around Rochester all year long, so you'll want to put aside the books every once in a while and get off campus.