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Making the grade


Welcome to college, the best four years (or more, depending on your degree) of your life. Now that you've made it to the big leagues, it's all up to you. You've already decided where to go to school (thanks for picking Rochester), and now you're probably neck-deep in decisions about where to live, who to room with, and what classes to take. It's a lot of pressure, but that's why we're here to help.

            Inside the pages of City Newspaper's Student Survival Guide you'll find information on everything from how to afford a semester abroad and keep textbook costs to a minimum to late-night food options, which professors teach cool, interesting classes, to a complete guide of local dance clubs and alternative entertainment options around Rochester. You'll also find advice from Rochester-area students, fun tidbits about your school, and more.

            If you're still jonesin' for the skinny on all things Rochester, pick up City Newspaper, which hits newsstands throughout the area every Wednesday, completely free of charge. Or visit rochestercitynewspaper.com for updated coverage of news, music, art, and life in Rochester, as well as our searchable events calendars, restaurant guide, and movie times, plus snarkyblogs. While you're there, voice your own opinion by leaving comments. You're a part of the Rochester community now, and we want to hear what you think, especially now that you're a big smarty-pants college student.

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