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STUDENT SURVIVAL GUIDE '08: Rochester Factoids

"Drink, " a vending machine at RIT, is operated with internet credit accounts instead of coin money.

WeBringFood, a company about a half mile from RIT, delivers food from local restaurants and hotels.

60 percent of Fisher students come from Catholic backgrounds.

As part of an old tradition, students at UR used to ceremonially bury their calculus textbooks.

Brockport, RIT, MCC, Naz, FLCC, Geneseo, and UR allow freshman to bring cars on campus. Fisher and Roberts do not.

During finals week, faculty and staff serve eggs and pancakes at midnight to late-night studiers.

Even when the UR Health Services office is closed, representatives are available by phone 24 hours a day.

FLCC has implemented more than 36 new "green" initiatives.

From 1867 to 1963, there was no tuition charged at Brockport.

Geneseo was named by Kiplinger's as the No. 1 best value for out-of-state students.

Geneseo's website has a Silent Witness form, where students can report crimes anonymously.

In the mid-1800s, a fire almost closed Brockport for good.

MCC has a 2+2 program with a slew of schools, including Hobart and WilliamSmithColleges and NiagaraUniversity.

NazarethCollege has a Dance Dance Revolution club called NazNaz Revolution.

RIT freshmen can work with an upperclassman peer mentor through the one-credit course "Freshman Year Enrichment."

Roberts Wesleyan's majors include "time-based media" and "economic crime investigation."

Sorry ladies: the male-to-female ratio at Naz is 1:3.

St. John Fisher is home to the Buffalo Bills Training Camp.

The research behind HPV vaccine Gardasil -- aimed at preventing cervical cancer -- was initiated at UR.

There are 2.5 million volumes filling the bookshelves at UR's libraries.

There is a spot on the Nazareth campus referred to as "Echo Circle," where anything you say will echo.

Vegetarians can dine Fisher's Cucina Verdi, a meatless dining option plan.

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