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College: your chance to go from geek to chic

Here's the beauty part about college: it's a fresh start. No matter who you were in high school -- prom queen, weirdo, band geek, jock, nerd, class president -- it doesn't matter. You've got a clean slate. Nobody knows you here. It's the perfect opportunity to figure out who you want to be and turn yourself into that person.

            City Newspaper's Student Survival Guide is here to help. Our cover guy, Marty, definitely needs a personality makeover. Over the next couple dozen pages both you and Marty will get ideas on how to get that new life. If you always wanted to get out and socialize, see our feature about where to find fun if you're under 21. Make sure your dorm room is the envy of your floor with our decorating tipsAnd get your study in on in style with the wifi-equipped cafes.

            If you should happen to run into Marty at any of those places, say hi. The guy could use a friend.

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