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STONER METAL | Black Wizard


It's been 47 years since Black Sabbath unwittingly created stoner metal (and heavy metal as a whole), and you would expect that nothing new could possibly be said about ripping bongs, cosmic entities, and following the smoke toward the riff-filled land. Leave it to Vancouver's Black Wizard to take the tried-and-true, riff-worship formula and twist it into something invigorating and new. Its latest record, 2016's "New Waste," is as life-affirming as a record adorned with skulls and cloaked druids can be, combining Sleep and Electric Wizard's penchant for bone-crushing sludge with galloping leads and soaring vocals that wouldn't feel out of place in an Iron Maiden set. Hell, the track "Laughing and Lost" might just be the first ever stoner metal ballad. Thanks, Canada!

Black Wizard will perform with Weedeater, Serial Hawk, and Babayaga on Saturday, June 24, at the Bug Jar, 219 Monroe Avenue. 8 p.m. $18.00.;