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SPORTS | Roc City Roller Derby Home Opener


Roc City Roller Derby has been undefeated in CITY's annual "Best Local Women's Sports Team" poll since the introduction of the category in 2015. If you haven't seen a bout in person before, this is an excellent opportunity to get off the couch and into the bleachers. Expect an hour of fast-paced action, where the quickest skaters for each team (called jammers) try to score points while opposition blockers with names like Skatesquatch or Ruth Terminator Ginsburg try to kill them. Or at least stop them, anyway. In my estimation, it's worth attending for the wordplay alone. This season's home opener is a double header, pitting RCRD's Roc Stars and B-Sides against the first and second teams from Guelph, Ontario's Royal City Roller Derby.

Saturday, February 29, at 6 p.m. The Dome Center, 2695 East Henrietta Road. Tickets $10.