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SPOKEN WORD | Telling the Tale with Penny Sterling


Have you ever been in a public place with earbuds screwed into your head when the podcast you're listening to hits a crescendo, but you can't laugh or gasp because you'll look like some sort of antisocial maniac to the other people waiting in the checkout line? Great news. There's a new live storytelling event series where you can enjoy a fancy drink while real live humans tell stories on stage, and you can even laugh at the funny parts without making people nervous. Host Penny Sterling has assembled a team of interdisciplinary storytellers for this month's installment, the theme of which is "Roots." Join comedian Kai Von Doom, singer-songwriter Mel Muscarella, writer and comedian Chris Thompson (who works as a freelancer for CITY), storyteller Amy Dragon, and theater professional and intimacy director Jace Meyer-Crosby for an evening of stories in the secret back room at Nox, Village Gate's literary-themed lounge. Tickets include admission and one cocktail.

Sunday, March 8, at 5 p.m. Nox Cocktail Lounge, 302 North Goodman Street. Tickets $10.