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Spiritizual Rez


DJ Sita will start off the evening with a heavy electronic dub mix, which will be followed up by the far more house leanings of DJ Rufus Gibson. Sita has been at it locally for 10 years and it shows with the smooth mixes. Rufus Gibson is down from Buffalo and has a very chill house set. If you are in the need for some reggae, Spiritual Rez has your fix as the main act. In from Boston and getting ready to drop debut album, "Apocalypse Whenever," these Berklee graduates sound like they migrated from someplace far more Caribbean than the distinctly less-than-tropical Northeast. The band has a swinging mix of reggae and funk that will no doubt have you swaying along like a palm tree.

Spiritual Rez, Rufus Gibson, DJ Sita perform Thursday, September 13, 10 p.m. at Dubland Underground, 315 Alexander St. $5-$15, 18+. 232-7550.