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SPECIAL EVENTS | 'Ujamaa: The Pop-Up'


In a mission to support black-owned businesses from Buffalo and Rochester, Flower City Noire Collective will host "Ujamaa: The Pop-Up," on Saturday, July 29, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., with vendors gathered together at Causing Effects Garden (739 Jefferson Avenue). The pop-up hopes to make it easier for people to find items sold by black-owned businesses and artisans, ranging from skincare products and headwraps to custom art pieces. Ujamaa is a Swahili word that means "extended family" or "brotherhood," and is the Kwanzaa principle of cooperative economics.

Tonya Noel Stevens and Kris Walker created Flower City Noire Collective as a way to elevate women of color and promote collective work, leadership, and unity. "We know that to see change, we must be the change," Walker says, "and the only real way to do that is at the grass root level, reaching people in their communities as a tool for creating and sustaining positive changes for life."

For more information about "Ujamaa: The Pop-Up," call Flower City Noire Collective at 466-4733.