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SPECIAL EVENT | "When the Sun Goes Down"


A couple of years ago, I encountered "What's Up with Yuk?" a picture book about positive and negative choices, by Rochster-based author Nanette Nocon and illustrator John Kastner. This clever teaching device follows the adventures of "Yum and Yuk," who each have an opposite approach to life — one is joyful and makes the most of things, while the other is bitter and passes on negative energy to others.

A new Halloween-themed adventure, "When the Sun Goes Down," is the latest edition in the Yum and Yuk series. On Saturday, September. 27, Kastner and Nocon will host "When the Sun Goes Down," a Halloween poetry reading with audience participation, at Rochester Contemporary Art Center (137 East Avenue). Two one-hour sessions will be offered, at 3 and 8 p.m. Costumes are optional. Admission is $2 and free to Rochester Contemporary members. For more information, call 461-2222 or visit