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SPECIAL EVENT | Seeing Animals through Different Eyes


Seneca Park Zoo will host "Seeing Animals through Different Eyes," an event designed for patrons to get a fresh look at the Zoo through creative engagement. Chesler Photography, Sigma, and the Irondequoit Art Club have partnered to bring in artists to help provide patrons with the means to re-evaluate the familiar Zoo, and to highlight its diversity. These artists will be stationed throughout the Zoo all day. The Zoo's volunteer educators will also be around the grounds, giving information about the animals.

Sigma and Chesler Photography will provide a photo workstation where attendees can test different lenses and settings with a professional photographer on hand. Visitors are also encouraged to submit their own photos and artistic renderings from their day at the Zoo to be displayed on the grounds as further inspiration. Submissions can be sent to, tag the Zoo or use #SPZDifferentEyes.

"Seeing Animals through Different Eyes" will take place Sunday, June 14, at Seneca Park Zoo (2222 St. Paul Street) from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The event is free with standard admission.