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SPECIAL EVENT | Record Store Day


It's nice to know that some cool things in this country aren't being gobbled up, chewed up, spit out, re-packaged, and re-sold. Independent record stores are still going strong. On Saturday, April 20, independent record stores around the country — including Rochester — will celebrate Record Store Day by offering special limited releases and all sorts of promotional shenanigans, including performances by independent bands that make the music in the first place. It'll be like a party without walls, a parade with tentacles. Check out the festivities, sluggo:

At Record Archive catch the Fox Sisters, Pickpockets, Isotopes, Hollands, Anonymous Willpower, The Seabreezers. At the Bop Shop you'll get Boyd Lee Dunlop, Wammo and the Swooners, and the Buzzo All-Star Band. At House of Guitars it's Mitch Jones, The Capitals, I Can't Stop Wondering, Mark Malsegna, Harmonica Lewinski, Smith & Williams, Uncl Rog, Tabs, Televisionaries, and others. For more information visit