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Special Event | Greentopia Festival 2013


Looking for a reason to go green? Here's a big one: Greentopia Festival 2013. The festival, which runs from September 10-15, is in its third year, is a celebration of all things sustainable. The festival evolved from a two-day event to a six-day event, in part because it offers pretty much every festival activity you could imagine.

Greentopia 2013 encompasses a documentary film fest (see feature on page 20), a two-day summit on sustainability, a fashion show, various musical acts, events for kids, and food by local celebrity chefs. There are festivals within festivals within festivals. It's like "Inception," only with festivals instead of dreams.

Prices will vary depending on what events you plan to attend. Check out to find a detailed schedule and ticket prices. You can also find out more by calling 287-5560.