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SPECIAL EVENT | Glamour and Glow


Glamour and Glow, the nation's largest black light fashion, music, and art event, will make its debut in Rochester on Saturday, July 12. Guests are encouraged to dress in neon or glowing attire, and are given 3D glasses upon entrance to enhance the visual experience. Inside the venue, circus entertainers will perform acrobatic routines set to electronic music. Models will also display glowing painted body art, unique independent designer fashions, and fiber optic hair extensions. VIP tickets can be purchased, granting visitors access to a private balcony, champagne toasts, and their own colorful fiber optic hair.

Glamour and Glow will black out the Zeppa Auditorium (312 Gregory Street) on Saturday, July 12. Doors open at 9 p.m., and attendees 18 and over will be admitted after showing ID. Tickets cost $20, with VIP tickets available for $50. For more information and tickets visit