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SPECIAL EVENT | 16th Annual Day of Remembrance


The Maafa Celebration Committee will hold its 16th Annual Day of Remembrance on Thursday, July 3, honoring the African lives lost during the Middle Passage. Situated along the Durand-Eastman Park shoreline, the Day of Remembrance was first held 15 years ago to provide attendees with history and information on the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. This year's iteration is placing a stronger focus on an open dialogue, encouraging community members to voice their perspectives on the severity of the Middle Passage, and join the Maafa Celebration Committee in a libation ceremony.

The 16th Annual Day of Remembrance will take place Thursday, July 3, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m., on the Durand-Eastman Park shoreline (look for the red/black/green flags), Lake Shore Boulevard. Free. For more information, email or visit